Commercial Lending and Borrowing

Commercial lending is an important area of practice for us. Although our expertise and experience covers the spectrum of commercial lending transactions, the bulk of our work falls into three areas: (1) representation of banks, insurance companies, and other clients that lend money  across the country; (2) representation of Cambodian businesses and individuals that borrow regularly; and (3) service as local counsel for lenders and borrowers in transactions that have a Cambodian connection. Extensive experience allows our attorneys to carefully but efficiently negotiate, document, and close all types of financing transactions. In particular, our experience in representing both borrowers and lenders allows us to focus on substantive matters and resolve issues in a way that serves the interests of our clients. We believe commercial lending is more than the production of canned documents or negotiation of standard changes to boilerplate clauses. We bring our experience, knowledge, and imagination to the table for the benefit of our clients in commercial lending transactions.

Corporate Finance

We regularly represent issuers, investment banks, lenders, borrowers, and other parties in connection with a wide variety of corporate finance transactions. These transactions include:

  • private placements of securities;
  • debt financings with banks, insurance companies, and other institutional lenders;
  • initial public offerings, secondary offerings, and shelf registrations of securities;
  • venture capital and private equity investments and financings;
  • municipal bond financings;
  • asset securitizations;
  • merger and acquisition financing;
  • management and leveraged buy-outs;
  • tender offers; and
  • spin-offs, restructurings, and recapitializations

Family Law

we are highly regarded and respected among other family lawyers, the courts and related professionals. Legal issues can arise when circumstances in your relationship or family life change. We believe that family law requires a rather different approach to many other areas of the law; the aggressive, adversarial approach can all too often inflame and prolong disputes which could otherwise have been resolved through conciliation and negotiation.

Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor Law

Our bankruptcy and debtor/creditor attorneys work closely with our commercial lending attorneys. After all, you cannot be proficient in collections, bankruptcy, or workouts without expertise on the origination side, and vice versa. Again, we have experience representing both debtors and creditors, but the bulk of our bankruptcy and debtor/creditor practice involves creditor representation. From foreclosures, to replevins, to usury, to perfection and guarantor questions, we have experience dealing with the array of issues and problems that arise in the debtor/creditor practice area. From consensual workouts to litigation, we can help you understand the law and the possible options. We can help you make and implement your strategic decisions.

Formation of Business Entities

We can assist you with selection of the best choice of entity for your business in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks to you and your business. In the process of selection or formation of your entity, we will assist you in identifying, managing, and solving the legal issues that may impact your new business entity, including issues related to antitrust laws, corporate governance, employee benefits, executive compensation, information technology, intellectual property, and tax matters.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We regularly represent our clients in connection with mergers, stock and asset acquisitions and dispositions, spin-offs, and leveraged buy-outs. A number of our clients have also entered into joint ventures and other types of corporate partnering activities with domestic and international businesses. Because every business acquisition or merger is different, we utilize a team to draw on the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience of our lawyers. Depending upon the needs of your business and the nature of the transaction, a typical team handling a large corporate acquisition or merger might include attorneys who are experienced in the fields of securities, corporate finance, tax, antitrust, labor, environmental compliance, products liability, and real estate. We also help clients evaluate prospective strategic partners through due diligence investigations and ensure that relationships are established with careful attention to compliance with applicable laws.


We represent clients throughout Cambodia, including some of the region’s largest employers. Our clients include medical centers and government agencies as well as small family-owned businesses. Our team’s expertise is recognized at the highest rating . Our firm has the only defense attorney in Cambodia certified in workers’ compensation by the Cambodian Govt.

Types of Services

  • Workers’ Compensation Defense and Prosecution
  • Litigation in State and Federal Courts
  • Third-Party Liability Litigation
  • Policy Design and Implementation